10 Hardcover Books About Animals
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  • Invertebrates: Starfish to Spiders
  • Fungi and Plants: Toadstools to Trees
  • Mammals: Pigs to Whales
  • Mammals: Bats to Cats
  • Mammals: Monkeys to Elephants
  • Birds: Penguins to Flamingos
  • Birds: Parrots to Eagles
  • Amphibians and Reptiles: Frogs to Snakes
  • Fish: Eels to Sharks
  • Insects: Beetles to Butterflies

Covering living things ranging from invertebrates, fungi and plants to fish, birds, reptiles and mammals, this 10-book collection from DK will delight young nature lovers. 

These books are bursting with full-colour photographs of their subjects and easy-to-follow explanations about what each one is and their traits. There are even double-page photographs that highlight the species in their natural habitats. 

Related species are shown in proportion across the page that show children their varying sizes.

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10 Hardcover Books